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SolOcean among the winners of the riz up GENIUS idea and founder awards

The riz up GENIUS Ideas and Founders Award sought in 2019 already for the 19th time the most innovative and novel business ideas of Lower Austria. Ideas from the following categories are sought:

  • Genius Start-Ups
  • Genius entrepreneurs
  • Genius research and development
  • Genius digital

The winners were awarded on Tuesday, May 28, 2019 at the Skyline in Wiener Neustadt.
SolOcean GmbH was thereby awarded 2nd place in the category “Ingenious Start-Ups”.

All awards at a glance:

Genius Start-Ups
1st place: AVILOO (Wolfgang Berger, Nikolas Mayerhofer)
2nd place ex aequo: SolOcean (Martin Aichinger, Gerold Guger)
2nd place ex aequo: flabs – flamingo board systems (Ute Zimmermann)

Genius entrepreneurs
1st place: Height safety with system (Hermann Hofbauer)
2nd place: SECVEL Fire Protection Bag (Michael & Traudi Veigl)
3rd place: HOG-400 (Thomas Feigl, Christoph Fuchsluger, Peter Wagner)

Genius research and development
1st place: Satellite Cryptography (Ernst Piller & Stefan Schubert)
2nd Place: Onion-Encryting Multi-Hop Network (Raphael Fiedler, David Gunnarsson, Daniel Hovie)
3rd Place: Bergfee by Geribell (Isabell Freundorfer & Gerald Wehrberger)

Genius digital
1st Place: SepiaTS (Werner Lugschitz)
2. Place: DokuPit (Maurice Haider, Renè Dammerer, Christoph Karbon, Josef Schönherr, Lukas Tiefenböck)
3rd Place: SuperBee (Andrea Kirchmayer, David Lechner)

Special Prize – Digitized Leisure:
MARSCHPAT (Carina Eigner, Patrick Rupprecht, Markus Wenzl)