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SolOcean was awarded the GreenTech Award 2020/21!

This “Top Innovator” award came from a worldwide patent search in the period 2017-2020, in which the inventiveness of the patents was recorded in a score value.

With its disruptive technology, SolOcean has the potential to slow down climate change considerably, through 100% emission-free energy generation on all bodies of water on earth.

Global warming should be limited to “well below” two degrees Celsius compared to the pre-industrial age – “ideally” to 1.5 degrees. To the layperson, the core objective of the 2015 Paris Agreement does not sound particularly challenging. And yet, even decimal places can decide about heat waves, droughts and the rise in sea levels.

It is now clear that concerted action by all those involved is necessary in order to steer towards a climate catastrophe without seeing one eye. Only when politics, business and science – but also every individual – do their part will the planet remain livable for future generations.

While all hope for developments in a manageable number of pharmaceutical companies rests with Corona, the climate crisis demands the innovative spirit of many industries.

With the GreenTech Award 2020/21, the ÖGVS honors Austrian companies and research institutions whose inventiveness can be proven to contribute to climate protection or who enable adaptations to climate change through new ideas.

In terms of method, the GreenTech Award is based on the patent class Y02 of the Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC), a joint classification of the European Patent Office (EPA) and the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), which was newly created at the time in the course of the climate discussion.

This class summarizes patents that include technologies or applications to mitigate climate change!
This is how the very good patent performance of CPC Y02 came about!

We were informed that we are now among the top 500 innovation carriers in Austria, and that we are also among the 25% BEST of these model companies!

The CO2 reduction is the key to sustainable success. CLIMATE CHANGE is not just a simple word, but a life-threatening development due to CO2 emissions released by us!