What we
want to achieve

Our mission

Global climate change and the simultaneous increase in world energy consumption are presenting mankind with ever greater challenges. Renewable energies and especially energy generation by means of floating photovoltaics (FPV) offer economically and ecologically sensible solutions here. But for worldwide use, current systems do not pass the tough requirements.

ROI through technology!

Driven by the goal of safeguarding the climate for future generations, the SolOcean team developed an innovative floating photovoltaic system that for the first time meets the tough requirements for almost unlimited use on all water surfaces in the world.

The new markets profit from the first possible use of the FPV system SolOcean Floater in many ways. Emission-free energy generation with price stability, security of supply, storage possibility for night-time supply is achieved. Lowest operating costs and extremely short payback times, as the costs for operation with diesel generators are exorbitantly high.