Our floater
at a glance

Technical features
SolOcean Floating PV

Dimensions float

2200 x 1100mm

Dimensions glass/glass PV module

2100 x 1034mm


72 pieces halfcut monocells

Nominal power

440 Wp

Weight glass/glass module

22 kg

Total weight FPV element

69 kg

Industrial designer:
Mag. Thomas Steinbichl
Ing. Büro für Industrie Design

Data sheet & impressions

The SolOcean Floater
in comparison

We compared our floater with products on the market in a competitor analysis.
The result is impressive:

Market leader –
even in salt water

The SolOcean PV floater also performs excellently in comparison with saltwater FPV systems available on the market.

„The sun does not send us a bill.“

Quotation from Dr. Hans Kronberger, Chairman of the Austrian Photovoltaic Association, 2008 – 2018, †


The following tests have already been successfully carried out with scientific partners:

  • Moisture measurement by means of sensors inside the butyl rim at 85°c and 85%RLF.
    Dr. Christina Hirschl – CTR Villach
  • Load test of the PV element and the clamping situation
    FH-Prof. DI Dr. Jürgen Neugebauer Josef Ressl Institute for Thin Glass in Graz
  • FEM-simulations of the whole float including fixing lugs
    DI Dr. Christoph Hochenauer – Graz University of Technology
  • CFD simulations of the floating properties in wave motions and currents
    DI Dr. Christopf Hochenauer – Graz University of Technology
  • Selection of a suitable plastic (HDPE) for the entire floatation body
    Director Dirk Reissenweber –  Rehau AG
  • Glass coating by the research institute
    Dr. Norbert Gamsjäger – AAC Aerospace & Advanced Composites GmbH in Wr. Neustadt
  • PV module certification
    Fa. Energetica / Austria
    Company Viasolis /Lithuania


  • AT – Floating solar cell curved A50753/2015
  • AT – Foating solar cell opening A50754/2015
  • EP/PCT – Floating solar cell opening, curved 16777892.7
  • AT/EP – Interconnection of photovoltaic modules designed as floating bodies (connecting element) A321-2018
  • AT/EP – Floating support body (glass holder) A323-2018
  • AT/ET – Als Schwimmkörper ausgebildetes Photovoltaikmodul (Rahmenbauweise) A322-2018